COACH 12 hrs+ Pw


The position’s primary responsibilities include, but are not limited to…

  • Lead and/or assist in coaching group a minimum of 12+ functional fitness classes at FH weekly .. 4 hr minimum work blocks

  • Take on personal training clients and 1-on-1 sessions with members or potential members

  • Maintain regular contact with members and keep an up-to-date understanding of their goals, circumstances, and needs to better serve them

  • Assist as needed with facility improvements, cleanliness, maintenance, and the implementation of other site initiatives

  • Maintain timely communication with management

  • Maintain cleanliness and tidiness of the facility by performing necessary duties

  • Help manage retail responsibilities and perform basic inventory keeping along with front desk


Rates –  SUPER PAID +  $40 Hr into $55 Hr  on experience

Commission on Sign ups $15



  • Minimum L1 Certification with 1-2+ years coaching experience

  • In depth knowledge of functional fitness, health, and nutrition – the tip of spear

  • In depth knowledge and skill in leading group classes – we want the best.

  • Organised & Professional mindset

  • Strong leadership skills and inspires action in those around them – lead by example always

  • Creative thinking, dispute resolution and problem-solving skills all finely honed – cool under pressure

If this is YOU..Shoot us some MAIL we would love to have you apart of the FH family!


Junior Staff

4 – 8 Hrs Pw

Job Title – Cleaning

Gym floor – Functional area – Toilets – equipment

Responsibility is to keep the gym  clean and tidy..

Sporting Teams

Here at The FitnessHub Redcliffe, we offer expert programming to suit any sporting team  through strength training to cardiovascular fitness.

We offer expert and certified trainers within any booked coaching services which caters to your individual needs, be one on one, group or team training.

Bring your Sporting team here to our World Class training  facility for great bonding sessions and personal growth..

Enquire About Coaching & Team training!