Our 42 Day Fitness Challenge is all about committing to 42 days of great nutrition and training.

NO processed food or alcohol!

Plenty of water, whole foods and movement!

A great kickstart with training and nutrition

What’s Involved

We set you up on a great platform written by our in-house dietitian. Our coaches work with you to monitor your progress over the 42 days helping to maximize your results. Our primary goal of the 42 day fitness challenge is to reduce your body fat, while ensuring to maintain/gain lean muscle mass. This is achieved through following your meal plan and training consistently!

What you put in, is what you get out!

In our 4 previous 42 day fitness  challenge , our members have lost a combined total of over 1500kg of fat loss.

The knowledge you gain from our 42 day fitness  challenge is incredible. You gain an understanding of nutrition as a whole. You learn that food is fuel for your body and an insight of what is required for your individual training needs. You gain knowledge of macronutrients and micronutrients and why they are important in your daily intake. We teach you about proteins, carbohydrates and fats and the roles they play in your recovery and bodies requirements.

We keep it simple, ensuring you have a great understanding you can take with you beyond these 42 days.

Our coaches have been around a lot of challenges and it all comes back to eating real food consistently, understanding what your bodies requirements are and dialling in your intake to meet those requirements.

During our 42 day fitness challenge challenge we will be holding 4 endurance style challenges to be completed within 7 days to maximise results. For example; complete 300 Assault bike calories over 7 days or walk 30 kms over 7 days. We will release a new challenge for you to hit each week, keep a tally and let us know how you go!