We Are Passionate About Health & Fitness

What does membership include?

Platinum Membership

  • Full use of facilities all programs + Weightroom

Weightroom Membership 

  • Full use of facility NO CLASSES
  • NO lifting in functional training area, NO rope climbs,No gymnastics rings at any circumstance $150 fine set in place

How to cancel membership?

Please call (07) 3283 2300 to cancel membership.

Contract Membership Cancellation


There is a $200 administration fee or pass membership onto friend or family 14 DAYS  to finalise your account, all fees need to be up to date to finalise account or to transfer.

Doctors certificate stating you can’t exercise within the contract terms 14 days to finalise your membership.

Non-Contract Membership Cancellation


14  days to finalise account, all fees need to be up to date to finalise!

If payment is due within those 14 DAYS  of either memberships you still have access until final day, please be aware of your payments.

Membership on HOLD

21 Days  minimum an up to 3 months maximum

Please note payments will reinstate once hold has finalised, please be aware as we run a automatic payment system, please email admin@fitnesshubredcliffe.com.au if you need a longer hold, NO REFUNDS
A $6.95 Pw Fee at a reduced rate occurs while on hold on either membership

Access Security Entry 

At any circumstance a member can bring a friend into centre without a membership, we take this very serious, could be charged with unlawful entry & $150 fine instant to account.

No membership No entry!

Lost your FOB $39.95 replacement fee

$0 when you join


Student 14 – 18 yrs

$9 Membership  – NON Contract

We are all about exercise no matter the age as it’s important to get them moving,

Students  need to be with a adult/friend  at all times when training in the gym, UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE there allowed to be in the gym on there own!

Creche Hours

Booking via our ZEN PLANNER App

Monday to Friday 8:45am to 10am
Saturday BOOKING only

Platinum 1 free child with membership
Weightroom members $5 per child per session or $10Pw unlimited

Any signs of sickness we will refuse entry,Think of other children before you come
To enable us to provide best care possible for your child please pack a bag, clearly labelled with: hat, drink bottle, snack, spare nappy, wipes, dummy and spare clothes.